Ispra, LTD - Company in הרצליה, ישראל - Allbiz
    Ispra, LTD - Company in הרצליה, ישראל - Allbiz
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    Ispra, LTD - Company in הרצליה, ישראל - Allbiz

    Ispra, LTD, הרצליהיצרן

    Ispra, LTD, הרצליה
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    Сompany address: הרצליה, ישראל
    20A Galgalei Haplada St.
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    ISPRA is a global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing of Less Lethal devices for riot control, crowd management, anti terror equipment and police gear. ISPRA Less Lethal: By combining our technical knowhow with practical field experience, ISPRA manages to deliver smart Less Lethal solutions to its clients, helping them deal with the growing challenges of crowd management. ISPRA’s Innovative product line has kept us in the forefront of Less Lethal ammunition throughout the years. We are developing today smart solutions for the problems of tomorrow. Sentinel Tactical Gear: Sentinel Tactical Gear provides top-quality equipment for law enforcement, military and homeland security agencies. Providing them with the tools to complete their missions safely and effectively. Sentinel Tactical Gear product line includes a full range of police duty gear, protective gear and tactical equipment. These products are of the highest quality in terms of materials, construction and durability. Sentinel Tactical Gear products are tested and approved by our product development team with collaboration and field testing by our security force partners.
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